Our little girl is now 14….

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TIME FLIES SO FAST…..Every mother will have tons of memories with her children from the time that they are born.I’m just like any mother. I have lots, too.And here are some of sooooo many wonderful early adventures and memories I have with my then little girl…2003I remember this pictorial…she was just so adorable….she was 3 years old when she did this. This was when photoshoots were easy to do….just walk in and the studio is free. :-)2004And this was at the airport. We just came from a family vacation in Singapore. She was 4 years old. Look at those pouting lips…hahahaha.2004bAt an early age of 4, she showed interest in costumes….serious dressing up because I had to ask her Tita Mimi to make this one for her. She was asked to be an Indian Princess and she won the best costume and best fit for this. Head to toe was made by Tita Mimi of Bumblebee.Another costume I remember is a 70’s dress. I loved that dress…she rocked it with knee boots. :-)2006I love this pic. This was in Hongkong and taken when she was 6 years old. I remember telling myself she looked so much older than she actually was at that time. I miss parting her hair like that….in the middle…I could do whatever I want with those hair then….2007This was moving up day. She was Prep in Assumption. She went to Assumption Makati until 2nd grade before moving to Everest Academy International School.There was a Marie Eugenie play and she bagged one of the main characters – she played Marie Eugenie herself. I didn’t even know she was interested in acting. She just brought home the script and the teacher’s note saying she got the part and that it would be good if I could help her memorize her lines.She did great and made us really proud.There was even a funny moment that circulated amongst the teachers and the audience infront. In the pic above, she was to lie down next and pretend to sleep. Her mic, which was attached to her blouse was slipping and so the teacher stealthily went infront of the stage and quietly called her to tell her to fix it. My daughter heard it but replied, “Ssshhhh….I’m acting!”One of my barkadas in college actually mentioned this story to me as well as she was seated infront and heard and saw everything. :-)2007bAnd of course, my little girl was a veteran at 7 years old when it comes to cheering for Ateneo de Manila Basketball and Volleyball teams. We got her acquainted with collegiate sports very early…..way before the Blue Eagles started with our 5-peat run in basketball in 2008.I actually still have that bandana with me here in Sydney… :-)2007dThis was also in 2007, when she was 7 years old. I love what she was wearing here. I loved dressing her up in flare pants and tops with the 70’s vibe.And again, I get to do what I want with her hair…..pretty, right?2007f2007eHere she is in 2007 doing her first flamenco on a stage production with Ginajean Grey. Oh we miss her…..we miss Flamenco, Bellydancing and Zumba classes with her. Our mother-daughter tandem activities in Manila.So proud of our little girl here. Look at her make her dance moves. Intense, right?She wants to take up dancing here again….just to be fit and active.I support that. :-) I would love to see my daughter dance again.2008I don’t remember where this was taken, but this was in 2008. She was really growing up way too fast….I remember at 8, she was soooo much into hoodies….she started amassing lots and lots of jackets with hoods…..and I mean A LOT.2008bNow this picture I remember so well. This was in 2008 and taken at The Podium during one of my attempts in us dressing up in similar clothing. :-) Beneath that wonderful and colorful girly sweater is a spaghetti-strap maxi dress. I was wearing the same kind of dress. 2009bThis picture was taken in 2009 in Manila, Intramuros. She was 9. She was starting to like dressing up in black leggings and started bringing her own bag.2011bFast forward to 2011. Much longer hair….and digitally-permed because she adored my curls so much she asked to have it done on hers too. Beautiful girl with beautiful curls, don’t you think?Yeah, she started wearing eyeglasses….but not to worry, I plan to have those eyes corrected by laser as soon as it is advisable to do so… :-)2012By 2012, we were settling down in here in Sydney….and she’s still rockin’ the long curly hair….now, really NOT a little girl anymore….. :-(2013This was just last year….2013…..she got rid of her curls and added fringe….looking like a real lady in this picture, right?People say she looks like me….. :-P2014And taken just a few weeks ago, here she is now!Yup, she’s taken charge of her hair. She had it cut a couple of months back because she got tired of putting it up for school. A requirement when you’ve got long hair…..But she is planning to have her curls back so she’s growing it again….Yahoo!!!And so, there….Our little girl DEFINITELY not so little anymore….I love you, sweetheart…you’re growing up way too fast.I look forward to our mother-daughter bonding – our Winchesters (and your fave Castiel) and our horror movies. I owe you back episodes of Once Upon A Time….and maybe our planned more active activities…? The T and D? :-)I love you and keep on working hard. Always be happy and remember that no matter what, we have your back.Mwwaaaah.

A style icon knows….

I agree….a style icon is one who stands out in the crowd because she is pleasantly and beautifully different and exudes such confidence. Nah, it doesn’t bother her one bit that she is not dressed like anybody else. In fact, she enjoys and savors the thought of it!

Nina puts it out there quite clearly that there are absolutely no rules when it comes to fashion.

She says, “when it come to style, there are no rules, as the cliche goes, but there are definite basics. A true style icon breaks and ignores the trends, but she has these 10 basics down pat…”


And I’d like to share here her 10 basic rules….


  • HOW TO EDIT. She only buys what she likes and what looks good on her.


  • TO INVEST IN “THE BONES” (the classic trench, the little black dress….) and builds from there.


  • TO BUY WITH DRAMA. She goes for that over-the-top, decadent item. If she falls in love, she takes it home.




  • AND THE POWER OF ACCESSORIES. Done just the right way.




  • HOW NOT TO BE THE FASHION VICTIM. She never buys into the trends and she never carries the “it” bag.


  • IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. She wears her flea market Mexican earrings the same way she would wear her diamonds.




  • HOW TO BE IMPERFECT. She understands that every day is not a photo shoot.


And that is STYLE.

And my style bible collection’s complete…



I love fashion.

I am not saying I always look fashionable because I definitely don’t. And neither do I always know what’s in and out. I oftentimes dress for comfort and just carry with me an impact bag. And sadly, by impact I mean designer – big names that usually mean the IT bags. I’m an Asian and there’s that obsession with brands….and I honestly feel tired of it – sometimes. Hahaha. And I’d like to think that I go for brands because of the quality and craftsmanship and not just because of THE brand. I’d hate to think that….but I digress…

I wanted to show you my style bibles…the books I always turn to when I feel stumped on what to wear. I finally have all 4 books of Nina Garcia – the last two just arrived today. I bought the first two when they were first released.


I just love the simple way she wrote the books and the illustration by Ruben Toledo is great. Very nice to look at. Love the colors – makes the books so much fun to read.

20140714_114248 20140714_114408 20140714_114502

And having them in hardbound makes them feel like really, really important books. Well, they are!


(I am thinking of buying the ebooks as well so I can bring them everywhere…..)

If you were thinking of getting a style bible, try one of her books. Start with the first 2. Or if you really just want to sample one, get The One Hundred. :-) It’s a good guide to what you MUST have as well as what you can let go from your closet. I have lots of clothes but I’m pretty sure a third or two would all be off to the bin if Nina would have it her way…hahahaha! I’m just such a collector and I find it hard to let go of things…. :-( Bad. I know.


Got to go and start reading…soooo excited!