Hello my dear friends!

I am supporting World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine 2015 and would like to encourage you to have a look and see what it’s all about and then maybe you’d like to support it too.

What is the 40 Hour Famine?

By giving something up for 40 hours, you can raise awareness and funds to help fight global hunger.

You could give up food, furniture, technology, talking – anything that matters to you!

This year you’ll be supporting World Vision projects in Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Malawi, Nepal, Swaziland and Uganda. The funds will go towards solutions like nutrition training for parents, child health services and better agricultural practices.

With your help, children and families can break free from poverty and hunger.

My daughter has decided to participate for the first time not just as an advocate but as a fundraiser and in support of her and my personal belief in the cause as well, I am helping her create awareness for this cause in my own little way.


Give something up for 40 hours this 14-16 August and help fight global hunger.

Join the 40 Hour Famine today!

Below is a screenshot of my daughter’s fundraiser page so you know how it looks like.

Or you can click on this link to go the the live page:

Caitlin_40 Hour Famine 2015

You can donate straightaway or you can choose to help my daughter reach her goal. Either is okay….all going to the same cause.

Any amount is accepted. No amount is too small.

Cheers to a better world!





Brickworks have started….not sure when they actually started but when I dropped by on 23rd July 2015, I saw the bricks already occupying the outer walls of the house. It’s looking more and more like a real house now…woohoo!

I also met our Site Sup for the first time. I gave him the coins that we wanted to put on the bricks. We missed the slab pouring so we decided to be creative about the coin burying thing. I hope it still works and will not lessen the luck doing it can bring to the house. :-)

Oh, I was also able to go inside the house today. Warren, the site sup opened the gate and invited me to go in. :-) Lucky me.

Anyway, here are some of the pics I took. Enjoy!

Bricks_23.07.2015_4 Bricks_23.07.2015_6 Bricks_23.07.2015_7 Bricks_23.07.2015_9  Bricks_23.07.2015_20 Bricks_23.07.2015_18 Bricks_23.07.2015_17       Bricks_23.07.2015_27



Another stage of the build completed….onto the brickies next!

16 July 2015_Front of house


Soooo cold….brrrrrr…..wet and cold. So gloomy.

I had planned to do laundry today (morning only!) as I have not done so for the past few days. But with a wet and gloomy weather? Nah. I managed to complete only two loads as I had limited indoor clothes line.

So, I did that in the morning and then went to the site in the afternoon. I had to go see it because we just got Stage 3 billing from Wisdom claiming that frame and roof trusses have been completed. I wanted to see first before signing on the request for payment form. I also did confirm with our site supervisor if works for stage 3 have been completed and he said yes. I also checked on the additional backyard works and the landscapes guy from Wisdom said that work has commenced and should be done in a few weeks. I wanted to see progress on that as well.

So after picking up my children from school, we all drove to the site. And true enough, frames and roof trusses have been completed and work on the backyard have started.

AND…the bricks are now on our site! We’re having Expresso bricks from PGH. I loved it that the bricks looked delicately laid down on the front of the house and I thought that was commendable as I saw some bricks from the other builds that were haphazardly laid on the ground. Our bricks are not coloured through and if chipped, the bricks would show their natural orange colour and make the house look really bad.

Anyway, here are the pics I took from the site today.

16 July 2015_Bricks_for the rendered portion 3

These orange brickies are for the rendered portion at the front of the house.

16 July 2015_Backyard excavation works

That’s the work being done at the backyard.

16 July 2015_Bricks_PGH Espresso

PGH Espresso bricks!

16 July 2015_Front of house 2 16 July 2015_Front of house 16 July 2015_Frames and roof trusses completed_front of house 16 July 2015_Bricks_for the rendered portion 2 16 July 2015_RHS of house_corner front 16 July 2015_Bricks_for the rendered portion 16 July 2015_Garage 16 July 2015_Masters BR 16 July 2015_RHS of house_back end 16 July 2015_Backyard excavation works 2 16 July 2015_Backyard excavation works contractor 16 July 2015_Bricks_PGH Espresso 2 16 July 2015_Soil on front of house 16 July 2015_Frames and roof trusses completed_RHS of house

Would be good to see the progress on the brick works maybe this Saturday. :-)

Roof trusses nearing completion….I think :-)


I got a call from our Site Supervisor yesterday and he left a voicemail saying that the frames and timber are practically completed and said that plumbing would be happening next week.

I drove by the site today and yup, the roof trusses seem completed…or at least there was some progress compared to our last visit on Thursday 9th July, 2 days ago.





The roof trusses just need a bit more and it looks like it’s going to be all done…



That backyard does not seem to be as high as I thought it would be….




Yup, there are definitely more timbers on that house today than 2 days ago…yey!

My husband said the sign where it says who will do the plumbing works are already posted. Not sure if we would be seeing the progress for plumbing works…not really sure what to expect…hahaha.

Oh, we’ve also signed extra work to be done on the backyard. We signed it on Thursday and sent it back to Wisdom Landscapes. I wonder when they would start leveling off that backyard. They said  they needed to do that prior some house works that would limit their access on the site. I wonder when they would start….But, as mentioned above, the slope up does not seem to be so bad….maybe we should just have left the yard as is and saved thousands on extra backyard work….hmmmmm…

NOTE TO SELF: check the backyard again and see slope….


Frames and timbers…..Yey!


Hello! It’s almost time for our children to go back to school so I decided to bring them out and spend the day with them.

But before heading off to some activities, I thought it would be good to drop by the site first and check if the frames have been delivered or have been set up. I now have less time to visit the site due to new work schedules that started this month.

Anyway, I was just hoping to see the materials on site, not really set up yet, but look! I was totally surprised with what I saw….the frames and timbers have materialized!!!! Not to mention that I was finally able to see some tradies actually present at the site. :-)


Front of the house 09/07/2015 at 11am

Front of the house 09/07/2015 at 11am

RHS of the house MB to alfresco 09/07/2015 at 11am

RHS of the house MB to alfresco 09/07/2015 at 11am

RHS of the house garage to MB 09/07/2015 at 11am

RHS of the house garage to MB 09/07/2015 at 11am

RHS of the house at 09 July 2015 11am

RHS of the house at 09 July 2015 11am

RHS of the house from alfresco to backyard on 9th July at 11am

RHS of the house from alfresco to backyard on 9th July at 11am

Front of the house taken by a friend who went to the site on 9th July 2015 at around 130pm

Front of the house taken by a friend who went to the site on 9th July 2015 at around 130pm

We drove by again at 4pm and the roof trusses are almost done!

Front of the house taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm....The roof trusses are almost complete!

Front of the house taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm….The roof trusses are almost complete!

Front of the house taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm....The roof trusses are almost complete!

Front of the house taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm….The roof trusses are almost complete!

Eaves on the LHS of the house. Still unfinished. Taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm.

Eaves on the LHS of the house. Still unfinished. Taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm.

RHS of the house. No eaves at the front part due to easement. Taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm.

RHS of the house. No eaves at the front part due to easement. Taken on 9th July 2015 at 4pm.

10409176_10153152083405000_6782637069220832695_n 10501804_10153152083590000_3100578749779755045_n 20010_10153152083790000_6754413401819706430_n 11013040_10153152084020000_1285218520675947153_n 11698645_10153152084385000_5888864339383196172_n 11709820_10153152084755000_1710698233812438007_n 11703276_10153152084980000_8823694148678434028_n 10995684_10153152085275000_7568040091628981245_n 11695846_10153152085390000_6849628662960906107_n 10408490_10153152085460000_6827287707456251136_n 11232897_10153152085520000_603908043796695900_n

I’m pretty sure the roof trusses would be complete by our next visit….

And the slabs have poured…..etc….


Our builder, Wisdom Homes, is definitely working fast on our build! :-)

Just last week, 27th June, the iron bars were set up on the slab area. On Tuesday this week, 30th June, I finally got a call from the Site Supervisor, Warren, and got updates on what has been happening. He was supposed to call me last week but was not able to. I mentioned to him about the lucky tokens we wanted to embed with the slabs. He said he was pretty sure the slabs would be poured on Thursday morning at 7am so I could still drop by and hand them to the boys at the site. But he called that afternoon supposedly to confirm the Thursday pouring schedule but instead told me that the pouring has already been completed that same afternoon by the boys! Uh-oh, there goes our lucky tokens. :-( I guess we have to be a bit creative about this and find a way to embed these later on….hopefully…

Here are a lot of pictures taken on the 1st of July (WED) when I decided to drop by and see for myself the slabs that have been completed as I already got a billing from Wisdom a couple of days before saying that the slabs have been completed when in fact it has not yet been done. So in order for me to order funds to be released, I had to make sure the slabs were really there before signing off on the invoice and then ask our bank to send payment to our builder.

And here are newly poured-in slabs…


This was taken from the front. That’s going to be where the driveway is.


Still taken from the front


Ours is the slab on the right. The other one on the left is our neighbour’s who is also building with Wisdom. He’s way ahead of us.


This is side the right-hand side of the house. That’s the garage side. No activity yet happening at our neighbour’s lot so we can still freely walk down this side.




That’s a huge single garage. We couldn’t have a double as we have an easement there. However, if we had known beforehand that the developer had moved the easement (after we had bought), we could have asked for the house to be flipped and the garage side could have been extended a bit on the left side allowing us for a double garage. But it’s alright….no biggie for us. :-)


Master’s bedroom


Living Area






Almost 2m sideyard….we’ll plan a retreat there somehow…


Right-hand side of the house

Now….look at these pictures…..we are inside the site! No fence barring the site pics…..see… :-)

On Thursday, 2nd July, we met with the Landscape person, Michael, to discuss elevation and other landscaping plans that would have to be finalized before actual work on the house happens and access to the site would be limited.


Our backyard has a slight slope so unfortunately, we would have to pay extra to have that area leveled off and make that yard more usable. We have decided to put a retaining wall near the house and keep the height level as that of the drain we have at the back of the house.

  16 17 18 19

The slabs are drier now…..this was on the 5th of July….look at our neighbour’s house….those timbers were not there yet last Thursday….they’re fast!

Our SS said that frames for our home are doing to be delivered this week and the timber the following week…..things will be happening on our house soon!


21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28


Iron bars on the slab pouring area…


We were supposed to go to the site today but might have to pass…..

Yesterday though a future neighbour was at the estate and took pictures of our site and sent them to me. Look….



Some, if not all, of the iron bars have already been set down on the slab pouring area.

Things are moving and I’m really curious now to see the target completion timeline for the entire thing. It would be awesome to celebrate Christmas at the new house this year. We’d love that. :-)

Oh, still have not heard from Site Supervisor. Will check with contact at Wisdom Homes this week.

Getting ready for slab pouring…


I decided to drop by the site on 24th June, 4 days after we saw that excavation has started and saw that house footprint where the slab would be poured has already been set up.


I also noticed that the iron bars have already been delivered and would probably be set next in the slab frame prior actual slab pouring.


I mentioned in my previous post that I would get in-touch with the construction coordinator from Wisdom Homes and ask where our Site Supervisor is. I did and she said the Site Sups usually call clients after the slab pouring and would normally call during Thursdays or Fridays weekly after that. I guess I’ll be hearing from him after a few more weeks. That’s fine except that I was hoping to do two things at this time:

  • Get clarity on the lot boundary, and
  • Put some lucky tokens at the corners of the slabs prior pouring.

I am not sure if the tradies at the site would get instructions from me should I get the chance to see them at work when I visit the site next.

Hmmmm….I have not really seen tradies from Wisdom Homes at work on the site….it’s always locked up when I go….always bad timing, I guess…LOL.

Excavation begins….


A week after being fenced up, excavation started.

I was at work and so my husband dropped by the site again and this was what he saw…


Excavation has started on our lot. Yey!

There’s just one thing that bothers me…I haven’t heard yet from our site supervisor. I thought it was strange so I made a mental note to myself that on the following Monday, I would get in-touch with the very efficient construction coordinator at Wisdom who has been extremely helpful and proactive, to help me hunt the site supervisor. :-)

Satisfaction level: Very Satisfied (so far)

The fence rises….


18 months after purchasing the lot, some real activity has started on our lot….Woohoo!!!

Looking back, those 18 months were “painful” — waiting for the land to actually register and getting the financing sorted with a bank that does not really have the reputation of being an efficient bank (they’re snail slow and they always have this excuse “system error”) – I’m just so glad we’re past those initial stages.

Anyway…’s where we are now…..THE FENCES ARE UP!

On 11th of June, we got an advise from Wisdom Homes on what to expect. They said that within the first 10 working days, we will see the Site Fence, Toilet & other requirements delivered, with excavation works commencing 10-15 working days, after that (weather permitting).

We didn’t have to wait long! Two days after that email, we saw our site fence up, toilet on site!

Can’t wait to see how things will be progressing now!