Iron bars on the slab pouring area…


We were supposed to go to the site today but might have to pass…..

Yesterday though a future neighbour was at the estate and took pictures of our site and sent them to me. Look….



Some, if not all, of the iron bars have already been set down on the slab pouring area.

Things are moving and I’m really curious now to see the target completion timeline for the entire thing. It would be awesome to celebrate Christmas at the new house this year. We’d love that. :-)

Oh, still have not heard from Site Supervisor. Will check with contact at Wisdom Homes this week.

Getting ready for slab pouring…


I decided to drop by the site on 24th June, 4 days after we saw that excavation has started and saw that house footprint where the slab would be poured has already been set up.


I also noticed that the iron bars have already been delivered and would probably be set next in the slab frame prior actual slab pouring.


I mentioned in my previous post that I would get in-touch with the construction coordinator from Wisdom Homes and ask where our Site Supervisor is. I did and she said the Site Sups usually call clients after the slab pouring and would normally call during Thursdays or Fridays weekly after that. I guess I’ll be hearing from him after a few more weeks. That’s fine except that I was hoping to do two things at this time:

  • Get clarity on the lot boundary, and
  • Put some lucky tokens at the corners of the slabs prior pouring.

I am not sure if the tradies at the site would get instructions from me should I get the chance to see them at work when I visit the site next.

Hmmmm….I have not really seen tradies from Wisdom Homes at work on the site….it’s always locked up when I go….always bad timing, I guess…LOL.

Excavation begins….


A week after being fenced up, excavation started.

I was at work and so my husband dropped by the site again and this was what he saw…


Excavation has started on our lot. Yey!

There’s just one thing that bothers me…I haven’t heard yet from our site supervisor. I thought it was strange so I made a mental note to myself that on the following Monday, I would get in-touch with the very efficient construction coordinator at Wisdom who has been extremely helpful and proactive, to help me hunt the site supervisor. :-)

Satisfaction level: Very Satisfied (so far)

The fence rises….


18 months after purchasing the lot, some real activity has started on our lot….Woohoo!!!

Looking back, those 18 months were “painful” — waiting for the land to actually register and getting the financing sorted with a bank that does not really have the reputation of being an efficient bank (they’re snail slow and they always have this excuse “system error”) – I’m just so glad we’re past those initial stages.

Anyway…’s where we are now…..THE FENCES ARE UP!

On 11th of June, we got an advise from Wisdom Homes on what to expect. They said that within the first 10 working days, we will see the Site Fence, Toilet & other requirements delivered, with excavation works commencing 10-15 working days, after that (weather permitting).

We didn’t have to wait long! Two days after that email, we saw our site fence up, toilet on site!

Can’t wait to see how things will be progressing now!

Our Very Own Da Vinci

Lot 163

Thank you for visiting my page.

This blog page is to share with you our building journey with Wisdom Homes as we build our first and modest home called Da Vinci at Greenway Living Colebee (initially Marsden Park) here in Australia.


(And maybe learn a few things from our experience to help you out when you embark on your own building journey…..)